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Monday, May 16, 2011

VB 6.0 Track Your MS Access DB Path anywhere

Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 with MS-Access 2003
Track your Database path from anywhere

This Open-source is Free to Distribute and use, you can download it from (MediaFire)
this is an example of how to design a simple app to track down and hunt your MS Access database whenever it's lost or path's changed.
VB6 Track your Database Path from anywhere
 you won't have to worry anymore about database path.
you can always set database as default as if it were originally designed to be.
there is also the software packed and ready to try as a separate software, download from (MediaFire) just to make sure it is what you are looking for .

1) Design :
Check the Open-source-code

2) Files :
Check the Open-source-code

3) Logic :
you need to always detect your ms access database whenever changes its path, for example (you designed a software and the database path changed by the user for some reason , what would you do then?) ... the answer is that you will have to re-place it by yourself .
also let say (you have many MS Access databases and you want to connect to one at a time ....)
Or you wanna design a side-App as Admin Screen to manage your database connection at the user's place .....
Or Detect your MS Access Database in Network
- Add References :
Microsoft Scripting Run-time
Microsoft ADO 2.8

you have 5 buttons :
1) Browse : get the database path & name
2) Connect To Database Now : Connects you to the database you choose in the Browse Button
3) Set As My Default Database : Sets the MS Access Database you just choose as the database that will always connect as the program starts up every time .
4) Disconnect From Database : Disconnects you now from the database you are connected to.
5) Set No Database Connection : Remove the connection to the database for Permanent.
- as the project loads, there will be now database connection detected, so you just click on Browse and choose (Mdb File) Ms Access 2003 DataBase File to connect to anyway you like .
- Change the location of the database and notice that it asks you to pick another one,
- pick database from another location and set it as your default one and notice that it becomes your default connection .
- project depends on Filesystem-object - MS ADO 2.8 - Handling Files .

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