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MS-Access 2003 Database design vb6 MS Access 2003 Database Design for Phonebook project In this part of the tutorial we will design the database according to the VB6.0 Project Requirements , we have 3 TextBoxes and 1 Image control, so we will need 4 fields in the database table. We will create only one table because there is no need to create two, just simply like that. Note, there are several ways to store data from Visual Basic windows application project on the hard drive, using MS-Access 2003 is one of the easiest ways to accomplish this task, considering your are creating a personal windows desktop application, also it is a very handy and effective method considering creating this application for some else (client). If you don't have Microsoft Access 2003, then download it included in MS Office 2003 package from Microsoft. Access 2003 Database is the most well known database ever used with Microsoft Visual Basic 6. Microsoft Access 2003 (*.mdb) file capacity is 2GB, of course

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Visual Basic Help - Phone-Book Project How to create phonebook in vb6 with MS Access 2003 Create a new folder on your desktop, name it ( PhoneBook ). Open your Visual Basic 6.0 , create new ( Windows Application Project ). Save As .... your project in your ( PhoneBook ) folder on Desktop with the name ( MyPhoneBook ) Or, before saving, from ( Project ) , ( Project Properties ) , ( General Tab ) , ( Project Title : MyPhoneBook ) then from ( Make Tab ) , ( Application Title : MyPhoneBook ) then click ( OK ). Save As .... your [ Form1 ] from ( Project Panel ) in the same folder with the name ( MainFrm ) Go to the ( Properties Panel ) and change the Name property of the Form1 to ( MainFrm ). Close your project. Your folder ( PhoneBook ) now should look like this Folder (PhoneBook) Now re-open the project and follow the following photo with notes on the design : [MainFrm] form with controls placed on it, see the notes below.   Notes   Numbers mark on the photo represent the

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Free download Visual Basic 6 Documentation MSDN Free download Visual Basic 6 Documentation MSDN What is visual basic 6 MSDN ? It stands for Microsoft Developer Network. How is VB6 MSDN useful ? It is a collection of sites ( ) for the developer community that provide information, documentation, and discussion that is authored both by Microsoft and by the community at large. Recently. It is available in many languages. Online Visual Basic 6 (vb6) MSDN link at Microsoft.  Here Online Visual Basic 6 (vb6) MSDN previous version .  Here Download Visual Basic 6 (vb6) MSDN. vb6 MSDN CD1 (DN60AENU1) zip  109.05MB(Password: vb6 MSDN CD2 (DN60AENU2) zip  537.32MB (Password: Download Visual Basic 6 (vb6) Samples.  Here Download Lou Tylee best seller book - VB 0.6.pdf  Here ♥   Visual Basic 6.0 Course Online : Automate MS-Access Database in Visual Basic 6.0  though a net work Visual Basic 6.0 An

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Visual Basic 6 Crystal Reports 4.6  Method 'Action' of object 'CrystalCtrl' Failed [1] Error description  In VB6 I get an error Method 'Action' of object 'CrystalCtrl' Failed when I attempt to execute the code : CrystalReport1.Action = 1 Cause Installing newer version of Crystal Reports in VB6 (I.e Crystal Reports for Visual Basic 11) Error message Method 'Action' of object 'CrystalCtrl' Failed Solution Open Visual Basic 6 project that causes the problem Add-In -> Report Designer Create a new Crystal Report file (I.e CrystalRep.rpt) Re-try your code with the new Report file (CrystalRep.rpt) Briefly : You will need to re-create all your reports in VB6 using Crystal Reports 4.6 to solve this problem. [2] Error description  I get an error in VB6 " Crystl32.ocx " Could Not Be Loaded when I attempt to open VB6 Project on Win7 32 or Win7 64 : Crysl32.Ocx Could Not Be Loaded Cause Missing

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Visual Basic 6 IDE 'VB6 IDE' on Windows 7 and 10 VB6  IDE on Win7 and win10 Problem : When Working with Visual Basic 6.0 on Win7-32 or Win7-64, the controls [TextBox, Labels, CommandButton ..... etc] placed on the vb 6.0 Form [ VB6 IDE]  move slowly. Solution : Go to Visual Basic 6.0 main path (Microsoft Visual Studio on Main Partition), commonly is : C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VB98\ Locate VB6.exe and Right-Click on it. Make sure you have the full privileges (Computer Administrator), choose Properties VB6 Controls move slowly on IDE Win7 Navigate to Compatibility section, and mark / activate the option ( Run this program in compatibility mode for: ) and then from the drop-down menu choose Windows XP (Service Pack3) , also below in the settings section mark / activate the option Disable desktop composition .   Visual Basic 6.0 Controls move slowly on IDE Windows 7 Click OK and test your Visual Basic 6.0 IDE, place some cont