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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Visual Basic Online Course - Prevent VB6 Application from run twice

Visual Basic Online Course

Limit your application

Limit Your Application
Visual Basic Online Course - Limit Your Application
- Some applications are free trials and they're controlled using code. If you want to limit your application abilities on the client machine, then you will find those ideas great, regardless the Visual Basic Version I'm using VB6, you can still use them in .Net too.

1) Limit your VB6 Application to a certain number of times to run on the client's machine, seems sometimes to do the trick but it also can be modified easily, means your limitations can be broken easily if your client have some knowledge about programming or asked for help from a programmer. But as long as the idea is kept hidden and unknown inside the Source Code, then it would be hard to be discovered anyway. You can also limit your VB6 application setting a start Date and End Date instead of the values given in the source code below.

2) Limit your VB6 application running once only. Some application can not run more than one interface specially those which connects to a Database because you don't want to duplicate connection to an already opened Database or Tables. You will need to limit your application to only run single instance or prevent your VB6 Application from running more than once.
You will need to do those steps though,
- Add Module Module1.bas, copy the following code into it.
- Then, from Menu Project, Project Properties, Start Up Object, choose Sub Main

You can also use the 1st example to prevent your application from running twice at the same time, but the second example is much more secure then the 1st one.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Visual Basic Online Course - ListView, Element not found while removing items

Visual Basic Online Course

ListView,  Element not found while removing items

In VB6 If you tried to remove items from ListView Control, you may get this error :
Run-Time Error '35601':
 Element not found.

Example :

Code :

Error :
Executing the previous example will cause error '35601' when trying to remove the next Item from list view items.

Solution :
Simple error trap will fix the error

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Visual Basic Online Course - Function Keys (F1 to F12)

Visual Basic Online Course

Function Keys

In VB6 ,in order to use the F-Keys (Function Keys) from your Keyboard or even any key, you need to set the form property [Key Preview] value to True .
Open new form [Form1]
Right-click on [Form1], View Code
The event [Form1_KeyDown]

Create Sub (I.E.: MyKey)

Go to [Form_KeyDown(KeyCode As Integer, Shift As Integer)], and write these lines:

Try out your application [Run your project] and after the form loads, press F5.

Thanx for reading

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